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BCC is a life-long car enthusiast who has been working deals for family and friends for over a decade. In 2018 we decided to bring our expertise and dealer relationships to the public.


How it works

BCC is a life-long car enthusiast who has been working deals for family and friends for over a decade. In 2018 we decided to bring our expertise and dealer relationships to the public.

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  • From the time we make our first interaction to the time you commit to the deal, you work with BCC exclusively.

  • BCC requests a few documents and the first half of the concierge fee, then introduces you to the dealer. 

  • All you need to do is go to the dealer, see/drive your new car, and sign on the dotted line! 



Frequently asked questions

Why hire BCC?

Two reasons: Convenience and pricing. Convenience: You have one point of contact throughout the entire process leading up to the point of signing. BCC is your biggest advocate and walks you through the entire process from the beginning to when you pick up the new car. Pricing: BCC offers incredibly aggressive pricing-the strongest in New England. BCC doesn't claim to waive a magic wand to achieve this pricing. Through dealer relationships and volume, we can guarantee terrific pricing in a very quick manner. We always tell our clients they may be able to achieve the same pricing if they spend hours/days/week calling around to different dealerships and going through that painful process. But, it is the speed and confidence in which BCC delivers the pricing that makes it special. We see it like this...the concierge fee will save you hours of your time and thousands of your dollars.

How does BCC get paid?

When a deal is agreed to, the first half of the concierge fee is collected. After the deal is signed, the second half of the fee is collected. Fees are between $349-$499 depending on the make and model of the car. *Concierge fees are refundable if credit cannot be approved, or, if there is a mistake on BCC's end and it cannot be corrected.

How long does the process take?

Up to one week is fair, but we can turn deals around in 24 hours as well! Proper expectations will be set during the intro call.

Where are the vehicles sourced from?

Every vehicle comes from New England, mainly Massachusetts. *MA does not supply temp tags/registrations. If you are an out of state buyer, plates can take 2-4 weeks after the contract is signed.

Does BCC work with clients out of state?

BCC works exclusively with those registering their cars in New England, unless otherwise noted on specific cars. It is common that certain BMWs and Volvos will be offered to all states, except for California. If I can't help you, I can refer you to close friends/brokers who I trust in other regions.

How do trade ins work?

BCC does not work deals that are dependent upon the client getting a certain trade in value for their car. The best recommendation is to always check the value of your trade with Vroom and Carvana to ensure you are happy with the offer, before approaching BCC about a new car, if the deal is dependent on a trade value. That way, if the dealer cannot match the trade quote from Vroom and Carvana, there is a backup plan that keeps the new car deal intact. *We are in no way affiliated with vroom.com or carvana.com

Does BCC exclusively work on leases?

Over 95% of transactions BCC completes are leases. There are many perspectives in the lease vs buy discussion, but when it comes to new cars, BCC truly sees the value in leasing for the majority of cars out there. Of course, there are some outliers that almost always make more sense to buy. If you have questions about this, we are happy to answer.

Can BCC help with used car purchases?

BCC works exclusively with new cars.

Which brands does BCC currently specialize in?

BMW Volvo Audi Lexus Toyota Mazda Jeep/Ram Land Rover


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